How long does it typically take to open a CHICKEN DELI restaurant?
From the date the franchise agreement is signed it takes approximately 60-90days. This time can be shortened depending on the approval of your location, securing of the lease and the ease of build out.


What is the monthly Royalty fee due to CHICKEN DELI Franchise Company?
Chicken Deli monthly royalty fee is 5% of net sales. Net sales are the total receipt from all sales at the restaurant and catering but do not include sales taxes or equivalent taxes.‏


What type of experience do I need to run a CHICKEN DELI restaurant?
Any prior experience in food service management is helpful. Business management experience is also very helpful. We can teach you the CHICKEN DELI restaurant business. Most importantly to your success is a burning desire to succeed along with the mindset of self motivation and the ability to make your own decisions.


What do I get from my franchise fee and royalties?
Use of the CHICKEN DELI brand, logo, name, signage, store design and most importantly the use of our systems all contribute to the fee schedule.

  • A comprehensive three weeks training, including on week at your new location, designed to prepare you for daily operation of your restaurant.
  • Franchise development support and guidance through the building process. This includes store layout, ordering of equipment, furniture and fixtures.
  • Construction and design support and floor plan design. Site selection support and aid in the negotiations process with the developer/landlord.
  • Ongoing support from CHICKEN DELI Franchise System consultants including research anddevelopment, purchasing and distributors support and marketing support and assistance.


Why should I invest in a CHICKEN DELI and what sets it apart from other franchise systems?

  • Our food. Our products are Bacolod original in taste and quality not just in our franchise segment, but we believe our products to be the finest in the Philippines!
  • Our casual atmosphere and apparel make it clear to all we are a relaxed, take it easy kind of place. There is a great pleasure in working in pants and a collared shirt everyday!
  • Our simple systems that create amazing quality control and ease of daily operation for the owner create the lifestyle change you’re searching for.
  • Lots of large peso pick up catering sales create many raving return customers that enjoy sharing our food with friends at their picnics and events.
  • With the franchise owner running the location daily there is no need for high paid skilled labor. Simple systems require basic cashiers and order fillers that need minimal initials training.
  • Our inexpensive combo meals bring in the daily customer who can afford to eat with us many times a week.